Yonathan Listik

Yonathan Listik

Yonathan Listik is a lecturer at Leiden University, teaching courses on Decolonial Theory and Critical Political Theory. His current field of research is philosophy, more specifically, exploring contemporary political ontology in the continental tradition. He is also interested in the connections between Jewish philosophy, decolonial theory and aesthetics. His main interests are possible articulations of the idea of barbarism.

11:45 - 12:45

The No-State Solution: Boyarin and Levinas on judeo-anarchist possibility

The presentation will develop Daniel Boyarin's argument in this latest book entitled The No-State Solution. The book argues for a non-statist solution to the Jewish question and tries to develop how an anti-nationalistic posture fits into Jewish thinking. Boyarin draws a series of parallel to construct his arguments and grounds a lot of his arguments on the Talmud as an alternative form of communication that would lead to an alternative form of community. Based on this, the presentation will link Boyarin's points to Emmanuel Levinas' Talmudic reading of Tammid 32a entitled "Beyond the State in the State".

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