Shawn Guttmann

Shawn was born and raised in Toronto and made Aliyah in 2010. A graduate of Reichman University's MA program in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies, Shawn is an idealist who looks for pragmatic ways to help make the world we all deserve. His latest kick is exploring ways to transform technological advancements from the business world into peace building tools, founding Project Didi to do just that. Shawn lives in an educators' kibbutz of the Dror Israel movement.

16:00-17:00 Rood/Red (1)

Track 4 - Oude en moderne geschiedenis - Europa en Israël / Old and modern history - Europe and Israel

No partner for peace? A looking at Camp David 2000 (EN)

On October 7, 2000 Prime Minister Ehud Barak declared to the Israeli media, “It appears that there’s no partner for peace.” His declaration was made two months after the failed Camp David summit and a week after the start of the Second Intifada. The Camp David summit, held in the summer of 2000, was meant to bring the Oslo process to a close, create a Palestinian state and bring the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to an end. Instead, its failure led to immense violence, effectively ending the peace process and creating the “no partner” narrative that set the tone for the next 20+ years. Camp David set the stage for how we perceive the peace process today, but if our conclusions are wrong, then could our impressions of the potential for peace also be wrong? This interactive retrospective on the summit will unpack what happened, exploring the assumptions, misconceptions, and misunderstandings of the Israeli, Palestinian and American delegations that led to a series of mistakes, ending in a stalemate that continues to this day. The session will close with a short overview of how Project Didi is attempting to deal with situations like these in an effort to simplify the path to peace.