Shawn Guttman

Shawn Guttman

Shawn was born and raised in Toronto and made Aliyah to Israel in 2010. A graduate of Reichman University's MA program in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies, Shawn is an idealist who looks for pragmatic ways to help make the world we all deserve. His latest kick is exploring ways to transform technological advancements from the business world into peace building tools, founding Project Didi to do just that. Shawn lives in an educators' kibbutz of the Dror Israel movement.

14:45 - 15:45

Siri, is peace possible today? A data-based analysis of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.

Following up on Shawn's presentation at Limmoed 2023, this session will explore Project Didi's use of AI, machine learning and big data to identify the real-time potential for peace in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Since the start of the war in Gaza, Project Didi has been collecting and analyzing data from Israel and Palestine in order to measure the potential for peace. We will present the output of our algorithms over time (October-February) and explore how different events and actions within the conflict impact the potential for peace. But our journey doesn't end there! As a PeaceTech company, our goal is not only to analyze peace, but to generate it. To this end, we will present the initial findings from our pilot program to generate the conditions that foster peace through our work with politicians, NGOs, grassroots organizations and more.

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