Ros Clayton

Ros Clayton

Originally a professional musician, but then qualified as a Barrister (lawyer) and became a Judge. Now retired, but still work pro bono, mostly in Human Rights. Joined Liberal Judaism about 25 years ago. Served as Trustee for six years responsible for Small Communities and Legal Governance. Co-Founder of York Liberal Jewish Community. Much of my time occupied by playing music and Liberal Judaism.

11:45 - 12:45

Massacre in Medieval York; Rabbi Yomtov Joigne, Saint and Martyr.

Background to establishment of Jewish Communities in medieval England. History of Rabbi Yomtov; links with France, Spain, Constantinople and reasons for coming to York. Political situation at the time; Crusades/King Richard I. Events leading up to pogrom. Aftermath of massacre. Myths and legends that arose. Brief look at expulsion of Jews from England with subsequent re-admission under Cromwell.

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