Kevin Buckland

Kevin Buckland is an artivist (art+activist) who has spent the past 14 years working at the heart of the international climate justice movement, primarily as the Global Artivist Coordinator with 350.org, as founder of the Gastivists Collective and co-director of Artivist Network. He focuses his work on “narrative interventions” and supporting groups and communities to use activism to interfere-in, subvert, hack, and ridicule dominant stories and assumptions. He has a Bachelors Degree in Comparative Mythology with High Honors from Middleburg College [2006] and is a qualified Permaculture Design Instructor. Based in Barcelona, he is an active painter, writer, performer and dad.

16:00-17:00 (Geel/Yellow (2A)

Track 3 - Sociaal activisme en maatschappij / Social activism and society

Climate activisme from a Jewish perspective (EN)

For centuries, the dominant story of the world has been a story with an end: apocalypse. Now in the age of the global climate crisis and mass extinction we are faced with a society enacting its own linear story, with grave consequences for the many other species and worlds that coexist on our planet. This interactive workshop looks at what jews may bring to the global fight for climate justice, and invites participants to question some of the foundational assumptions of today’s dominant culture. Together, we will see what we can learn from jewish text, knowledge, and practice that can bring new perspectives of cultures of care, multi-species community and ecofeminist ethics into the global climate justice movement, and the fight to decolonize the story of the world.