Eva de Haan

Eva de Haan recently obtained her MA in Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, concluding the programme with an extensive research project on secular Jewish culture in the Netherlands. She is an active member of Oy Vey, a Jewish cultural hub in Amsterdam. She currently lives in Berlin.

14:45-15:45 Rood/Red (1)

Track 3 - Sociaal activisme en maatschappij / Social activism and society

Jews in search of Jewishness (EN)

This talk explores how Jewishness is understood, practiced and experienced by young secular Dutch Jews. We will uncover what Jewishness entails for people who have no formal religious structure to hold onto. Can we put a name to the undefinable, ungraspable qualities that make us Jewish? How do young secular Jews shape and define their Jewish life, often taking unconventional roads, with many twists and turns. How do they continue Jewish traditions, and how do they push the boundaries of what Jewishness can be?
Based on anthropological interviews with young Jews in the Netherlands, we will explore all these questions and more.