Bat Ella

Bat Ella

Bat Ella is an Israeli singer and recording artist best known for emotionally moving and spiritually uplifting audiences.

Bat Ella began her career in the IDF Performing Arts Troops and continued with music studies in USA where she often performed with the legendary, Jewish - American singer and songwriter, Debbie Friedman whose iconic songs were the first to be recorded in Hebrew by Bat Ella on one of her five solo albums . With her repertoire including music from traditional to modern, Jewish music and Israeli songs , Bat Ella has touched and connected audiences worldwide with her inspirational and engaging musical experience.
Bat Ella performs extensively on significant stages including Park Avenue Synagogue NY, Los Angeles, Boston, Cincinnati, Brazil, London ,Limmud UK and all around Israel,  both as a solo performer and in collaboration with leading artists and cantors including Cantor Azi Schwartz.

In Israel , Bat Ella regularly joins Rabbi Benny Lau in Kabbalat Shabbat services including those since October 7 in the kidnapped and missing families' site.

During this difficult period Bat Ella continues to perform around Israel . Her performances, including those abroad are all in the spirit of Israeli solidarity and brotherhood.

16:00 - 17:00

Wings of Spirit - Israeli & Jewish songs that bring hope and comfort.

The international- Israeli singer, Bat Ella, takes us in a journey in time - from traditional to modern with songs and prayers that received a new meaning since the October 2023 war, include songs that were written recently, as a result of the war.
Bat Ella also shares her personal journey as she grew up secular in Dimona to a Syrian-Persian family and has evolved to perform Biblical and Liturgical texts to both religious and secular audiences in Israel - a trend is now mainstream as popular artists bring ancient texts to life through modern music.
Come, sing with us and strength the spirit to commit that the light of hope for better days will always shine bright.

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