David Weis

Born and raised in Luxembourg David studied Classics, Russian and politics in Germany, the UK and Poland. He now works in diplomacy and is currently posted to the Council of Europe and Government Agent to the European Court of Human Rights. David has been active in Reform Jewish and Zionist movements for the past ten+ years, is a keen reader, sportsperson, nature lover and LGBT+ activist. He's been president of Liberal Judaism Luxembourg since June 2021 and active in Limmud Europe Values since 2020. In 2023 he is hoping to organise the first Limmud Luxembourg.


Track 1 - Herdenken / Remembering

The Maccabees in Flavius Josephus: Navigating extremism and assimilation in Antiquity.

Flavius Josephus has often been called a 'renegade Jew' and has traditionally been more highly valued by Christian scholars than among our own. Yet his descriptions of the beginning of the Maccabean revolt and later so-called 'Jewish wars' gives us a fascinating insight into the evolution of Judaism during the Hellenistic (and later Roman) period. So how does he explain/perceive the revolutionary spirit of the Jews in those days? And what can we learn as Jews from Flavius Josephus' take on our ancestors?