David Schwezoff

Rabbi David Schwezoff (born in 1979 in Budapest) since 2021 is the first Chief Rabbi for the State of Rheinland-Palatine, Germany. He attended to litai and modern orthodox yeshivot in the US and in Israel, was ordained in Israel, in 2013, and served communities in Hungary and Germany as cantor and rabbi. His other master-level education includes economics, finance, international relations, communication and media, education and psychology.

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13:00 - 14:00

Who can represent us?

How does it feel to represent the community in front of God? What are the real risks and the most beautiful of being a “Messenger of the Community”? How we may combine the traditional texts and melodies to personalize them into a powerful plea or praise? We may share our thoughts and considerations as community members, how do we see the role of the Cantor/Chazzan/Sheliach Tzibbur? How we may rely on them when it comes to speaking on our behalf to the Almighty?