Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo is a distinguished speaker and author known for his original insights into Judaism and his ability to convey the relevance of Jewish values and practice in today’s complicated world. He is the founder and dean of the David Cardozo Academy and the Bet Midrash of Avraham Avinu in Jerusalem and author of many books and articles in English and Hebrew. He leads a think tank focused on finding new halachic and philosophical approaches to dealing with the crisis of religion and identity among Jews and the State of Israel.

The Radical Future of the Prophetic Halacha in the State of Israel

The lecture discusses the halachic possibilities for modern times since there is a great deal of flexibility within halachic literature.  As a result of the radical changes that have taken place in the Jewish world since the establishment of the State of Israel, there is a need to adapt Halacha to these new circumstances without destroying its foundations. The Halacha can now break away from a “Galut Halacha” and introduce a “Liberation Halacha” instead. From an “artificial” Halacha to an “authentic” Halacha.